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Tips For Using This Site


Use the New Enquiry form to send an enquiry to the SRA.

  • Enter the details of your enquiry including as much information as possible in the Notes area to assist the Swaziland Revenue Authority when responding to you.
  • Use the Submit button to send your enquiry to the SRA.
  • The SRA will contact you to regarding your enquiry in due course.
  • Print a copy of the enquiry for your reference and take note of the Case Number. Use this number if you contact the SRA about your enquiry.


Returns List
  • The returns list shows all your returns that have been saved or have been submitted to the SRA for processing. Use the drop down menu to change the Year of the returns that are displayed.
  • You can edit saved returns that have not been submitted to the SRA for processing by selecting the icon in the Edit column of the returns list.
Completing an Online Return
  • Click the Add Return button to create a new return.
  • Select the Tax Type, Year and Period of the return you would like to enter and click the Create Return button. An online return form will be created for you to complete.
  • Complete your return by entering your figures into the Amount column. The Calculated column displays the results expected by the system based on the numbers you have entered. Check these numbers against your figures.
  • Boxes where the Amount and Calculated columns don’t match will be highlighted in yellow. You can submit the return when all highlighted boxes have been corrected.
  • Use the Save Draft button at any time to save your work. When your return is complete, tick the Declaration box and use the Submit to SRA button to send it for processing. Once submitted you will no longer be able to make changes to the return.
  • When the return is confirmed to be correct by the SRA the status will be updated on the Returns page.
  • Use the Print button to print a copy of the Return for your records.


Use the Admin menu to change your password or security questions.

Change your password
  • To change your password enter your existing password and then enter the new password you have selected twice.
  • Your new password must contain at least 6 characters including one number and one of the specified special characters.
  • Click the Update Password button to save your new password.
Change your security questions
  • Select three security questions from the list and provide an answer for each one.
  • For your security it is important to choose questions with answers you will be able to remember and other people won’t easily be able to find out.
  • Click the Save button to confirm the change.

Useful Links

For more information on tax and to download tax forms and guides visit the SRA website: